Ever since the debut of Ms. Marvel on Disney+, Kamala Khan has quickly become a household name after being introduced in a post-Blip world. She starred in Ms. Marvel during Phase 4 of the MCU. She starts off as an ordinary high school student, trying to adhere to her family’s cultural traditions while also trying to establish an identity of her own.

Her kindness and willingness to offer help to others, no matter what but she also exhibits intelligence to go ahead and plan while the determination to keep on improving and end up mastering her abilities. The true reason fans connect with her is that she feels VERY relatable. Although she knows she has superpowers, the dilemmas faced by her and how she addresses everyone feel absolutely human.

Cosplaying Isn’t Easy

Ms. Marvel
Kamala Cosplaying

Cosplaying isn’t really what it actually looks like. What we see as the end result takes hours of make-up. prosthetics and most importantly, hard work.

Bruno and Kamala have created a very complicated suit using techniques like sewing, airbrushing, and engineering and well. all of it is nothing short of well, impressive. Regardless of anything, first-time cosplayers usually end up feeling self-conscious. At the contest. all cosplayers are so brave to put t themselves out there, especially when they end up in cosplay competitions, which is why Kamala had all the reasons to feel panicked on the stage.

Kamala Khan Got Awkward Around Her Crush in Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan
Kamala Khan

When Kamala meets Kamran for the very first time, she found herself quite speechless. While she felt she should spend more time with him and was even eager to spend it.

She was even willing to attend Zoe’s party only as she knew he would be present there. However, when it mattered at the party, she could only awkwardly grin for a few seconds before introducing herself thrice. We all have everyone who has experienced a crush and someone who knows what it is like to do something unintentionally which turns embarrassing in front of their crush.

Kamala Trusted The Wrong People In Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel

Kamala got saved by Najima, Kamran’s mother, and Kamran himself.

Najima, at the time, was run from Damage Control. Kamala was told that she with other Clandestines were exiled to planet Earth, and all they ever wanted was to be at home.

Trying to gain the sympathy of Kamala, although she knew that if she uses the bangle to send them back, it might end up having catastrophic effects on Earth. However, she initially believed that they would be keeping their promise to keep Earth safe but she felt betrayed when they all of a sudden turned against her after her simple request for more time.

Nicknames Stick, Both Good & Bad

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel Poster

Since Kamala Khan did not really her superhero moniker name until the last episode and didn’t decide on her superhero name until the final episode, her fans make up her name themselves. They called her her Night Light and Kamala hated the name, and always insisted on stopping anyone who uses it.

We all have been given a nickname that we cannot take, and sometimes, these nicknames stick around for very long. Kamala’s parents always refer to her as “beta” which is a term of endearment and love, and Ms. Marvel never seemed bothered by it.

An Attempt To Help Can At Times Go Wrong

Ms. Marvel
Kamala saved Hameed

Many people might have the best intentions, but sometimes an attempt to just help can lead to a disaster Kamala tried saving Hameed as he was falling from a tower. By that time, Kamala was familiarized and trained herself with her superpowers, however, she was still inexperienced.

Due to a vision, Hameed’s platform was on gave way, and Kamala summoned many platforms while trying to keep him from falling. As nice and kind as she is, she even felt guilty that he was injured as a result. However, she did save his life.

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