As previously reported, Kim Kardashian’s fans criticized her for wearing an unseasonably casual outfit spoiling the festive party mood. She received a scathing backlash for the attire she wore to the holiday party on Saturday. It was hosted by Real Wives of Beverly Hills star Kathy Hilton. And now, Kathy Hilton has come forward while shutting down all the naysayers who had something bad to say about Kim K’s fashion choice at her Christmas party. She expressed her opinions about Kardashian’s attire after fans chided her for missing the fashion memo.  In response to Kardashian being called “disrespectful” by some fans, Hilton finally couldn’t stop herself from defending Kim K.

Well, all of this got started at the extravagant Christmas party, which provided the ideal atmosphere for a holiday celebration. Among them were Paris Hilton’s younger sister Nikki Hilton Rothschild, and Kim’s mom Kris Jenner. Others who attended the party reportedly dressed nicely, with many of them opting for seasonal hues and patterns.  

Kim Kardashian
A former employee at Kim K’s company reveals the truth about the working conditions.

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Kathy Hilton compelled to speak for Kim K’s outfit choice

After 42-year-old Kim K caused a stir following a festive party, Paris Hilton’s 63-year-old mother, Kathy Hilton, was compelled to speak out. Kim Kardashian’s controversial Christmas outfit has drawn criticism, which Kathy Hilton addressed in an interview with TMZ. “That’s silly,” she said simply. “That’s ridiculous!” While speaking on how Kim K looked at the party, Hilton added, “Everybody was just [supposed] to come as they want… be comfortable. No [nothing wrong with what she wore], she always looks beautiful.”

The extravagant party that Hilton hosted last week to celebrate Christmas with her family and friends is where this all began. Kardashian, however, received criticism for her outlandish holiday attire. She was seen donning a T-shirt from a concert that was cropped.  Along with it, she wore a matching pair of black leather pants with studs.  However, the ensemble seems to clash with the Hilton family’s more festive attire. Paris Hilton looked beautiful in a red lace babydoll minidress from Miu Miu that was covered in crystals. Nikki Hilton Rothschild, her younger sister, appeared holiday-ready in a red and green floral Oscar de la Renta mini dress.

Kim Kardashian 1
Kim Kardashian

Meanwhile, the Real Wives of Beverly Hills star was wearing a maxi dress with red and green plaid. She finished off her outfit with a large, merry red bow.  In addition, Kim Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, was dressed in a black pantsuit that gave off a more festive and fashionable vibe. She also adorned her outfit with lacy flowers.

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Kim Kardashian was slammed for her odd Christmas attire!

American Socialite Kim Kardashian received harsh criticism on social media for her out-of-season casual attire at Paris Hilton’s Christmas party. Fans have shared their harsh comments on social media while discussing Kim K’s festive attire. Everyone was dressed nicely, but as one user noted, “Kim looks like a 15-year-old teen who was dragged to her parents’ party.” Her attire was found inappropriate for a holiday party, according to one commenter. The question “WTF is Kim wearing?” was raised by yet another user.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Though fans didn’t like the way she dressed, she looked perfectly good in the hostess’ eyes, and as far as Kathy Hilton is concerned, she has always looked beautiful!

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Source: TMZ

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