No matter what you think about the Star Wars prequel trilogy, you have to agree with the fact that there are some amazing elements in the film. The Star Wars prequel trilogy mostly referred to as “prequels” by the fans was an epic space opera film series. George Lucas blessed us by not only writing it but even directing it.

But fans who don’t even like Star Wars and have never watched the prequels, already hate it because they know the productions are bad. Maybe they are not perfect but there is so much to like about them. Even films of the original Star Wars trilogy have faults. If you hate the prequels, we are here to change your mind! Here are 5 reasons to love them!

1. Star Wars Prequels Have A Richer Storyline

Star Wars
Young Anakin Skywalker

Let’s be honest, without these Star Wars prequels, we wouldn’t have known the entire truth about the Skywalker family. It was the very purpose of these films to see Anakin shift to the “Dark Side”. Many people didn’t like the fact that we had to see him as a kid and he was immature back then compared to him as Darth Vader. We learned that he was not always a bad guy and that explains his change of nature at the end of Return of the Jedi. The prequels make us understand where every main character comes from and what exactly led to the events of the original movies.

2. Making The Best Out of Tech Available in the 90s.

Star Wars Prequel
Amazing CGI

Okay, let’s take a moment to appreciate all that George Lucas has done as a filmmaker. He has repeatedly pushed his boundaries since he was a student. From his days of making THX 1138 until now, he has been really experimental in all he has done. And we could see that creativity flowing in the Prequels.

He has been criticized for using so much CGI in the prequels but he deserves some credit for it! The Star Wars prequels developed CGI technology in such a way that it would push what the tech could achieve. What we see today on the big screens is surely a part of the legacy of these films!

3. Star Wars Prequels Have Killer Soundtrack

Star Wars Prequel
John Williams

In case you don’t know what kind of a genius John Williams is, he has been nominated for 52 Academy Awards (won 5) and 72 Grammy (won 25) and these are just a few of them. He has won 4 Oscars for Best Original Score. John is one of the greatest movie composers ever. The prequels have some of his best songs and they match perfectly with the scenes.

The soundtracks are beautiful with so much depth and emotions in them that they give the movies an extremely different experience. You would want to hear them on a loop!

4. The iconic and worthy villain: Palpatine

Star Wars Prequel

If there was one person we could point to as the Baddie in the series, it would be Palpatine without any debates! He did everything evil he could! He made Anakin come to the dark side and literally was the person behind everything going around.

He was behind Order 66, The Cloning Army, and even the Trade Federation! And the best part was no one even suspected it to be him. He would wait for the perfect opportunity and nobody even stood up against him. This made him more deadly than what he appeared to be in the original series since he just appeared towards the end.

5. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Origin!

Star Wars Prequel
Young Obi-Wan

We all know that Obi-Wan is a legend and he got to see him start his journey which was just as fascinating as Anakin’s. He initially has a superiority complex and considers others lower than himself. Qui Gon Jin is teaching him and feels Obi-Wan could pass the trials but needs more experience.

He learns an important lesson in The Phantom Menace and decides to train Anakin. They develop a great friendship and Obi-Wan is seen taking more risks but they make him wiser too. He even confronts Anakin and when Padme dies giving birth to the twins, he decides to look after Luke. His character now sees potential in everyone!

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