The Batman
The Batman

Recently released – The Batman is in talks from the moment its first teaser came out. Matt Reeves’ The Batman is said to be the best Batman movie since The Dark Knight. With Pattinson‘s applaudable performance and Keoghan‘s surprising appearance, everything works as a stepping stone for making it the best of all. So does the music and songs that are featured in this record-breaking blockbuster. With a few renowned songs and lots of dance hits, the Batman soundtrack is the ideal complement to Bruce Wayne’s deep plunge into Gotham’s criminal underworld. Nirvana is among the most well-known musical artists included in The Batman, but there are a few more songs that will certainly be familiar to viewers. Here is a list of All Famous Songs That Featured In The Movie.

Ave Maria” by Franz Schubert 

Franz Schubert - The Batman
Franz Schubert

This number one top hit funeral music was composed in 1825. Written in Latin by Adam Storck this piece has 8 versions. This renowned piece of art can be heard thrice in the movie. Firstly during the opening scene when Riddler spies on Mayor Mitchell and his family. It can be heard again when Batman and Gordon visit the orphanage. For the third time, we can hear it in the scene where the Riddler visits Batman in Arkham Asylum, Paul Dano sings a piece of “Ave Maria” himself.

“Something in the Way” by Nirvana

Nirvana - The Batman

This 90s Nirvana song written by Kurt Cobain appears in the film twice. The first time occurs while Batman is departing the crime scene at Mayor Mitchell’s house, commencing when he locks eyes with the now-dead mayor’s son and continuing as Bruce drives his motorbike through the streets of Gotham on his way to the Batcave. It appears once more at the end of the film. Just as Batman is about to lift a flood victim onto a stretcher. An orchestral version of ‘Something in the Way, can be heard in the very first teaser for The Batman which aired in August 2020.

“Piano Concerto No. 5 In E Flat Major, Op. 73 ‘Emperor’ II. Adagio Un Poco Mosso” by Ludwig Van Beethoven 

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Ludwig Van Beethoven

This concerto was composed by Ludwig van Beethoven for piano and orchestra in 1809. The Riddler gives hints disguised as encrypted messages in addition to his riddles. This classical piece may be heard playing when Bruce finds Pennyworth, who is trying to decode the cipher.

“Frisk” by Patrick Topping & Kevin Saunderson 

Patrick Topping and Kevin Saunderson - The Batman
Patrick Topping and Kevin Saunderson

Taking clues from the Riddler’s riddles Batman reaches the Iceberg Lounge, a bar controlled by the Penguin in Gotham. As Batman enters the club and confronts the security, this techno track could be heard playing. The club kinda gives warehouse rave vibes, similar to Detroit in the 90s and early 2000s. Keeping this in mind it’s sort of expected that this soundtrack had been chosen for this very scene with the 2020 track “Frisk,” a collaboration between Detroit techno icon Kevin Saunderson and U.K. DJ Patrick Topping.

“I Have But One Heart” by Al Martino

Al Martino
Al Martino

This piece is playing as Bruce approaches Carmine Falcone at the Iceberg Lounge. Intriguingly, Martino’s rendition of the song is simply taken from The Godfather. Martino can be seen performing I Have But One Heart (O Marenariello) in the film’s opening wedding scene as Johnny Fontane. This song in Godfather was nominated for Academy Award. However, the nomination was withdrawn after determining that the ‘Love Theme’ was a rewritten version of Nino Rota’s music from the 1958 film Fortunella. 

In Addition

Other than the aforementioned ones, these soundtrack songs can be heard in the movie too –

  • “Tesla” by Corvad 
  • “Hot 44” by Baauer
  • “Troop” by Peggy Gou
  • “Dido’s Lament” by Henry Purcell
  • “Requiem Op. 48 7. In Paradisum (I)” by Gabriel Fauré 
  • “Darkroom” by Peggy Gou
  • “Dark” by Alesso
  • “Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu)” by Dean Martin

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