Kanye West’s time seems close to coming to an end. His penchant for making anti-semitic remarks has finally caught up with the Donda rapper. He once boasted about how he could say whatever he wanted to and Adidas couldn’t do a thing about it. He must be eating his words right now.

Many of his fans seemed to have deserted him as well. And who would dare to support him at a time when everyone seems to have deserted him? But in a rare moment of support for the 45-year-old, fans have supported him.

Kayne West facing a boycott

Kanye West
Kanye West net worth faces astronomical loss

Kanye West is being targeted from all corners. His deals with Adidas, Balenciaga, and Gap stand canceled, which has knocked him from the list of billionaires in this world. The academy established by him, Donda Academy, had to be closed down for the rest of the academic session of 2022-23. His future in the fashion industry is also at a seeming end. A very important question is, can he deal with all the things coming his way?

As if things weren’t already bad, clamor for removing his music from Spotify is also gaining traction. His music is already banned from the fitness giant Peloton’s classes. That might well be the last nail in the coffin for his already derailed career.

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Fans want to keep Kanye West’s music on Spotify; question why R. Kelly’s music was not removed

R. Kelly
Fans back Kanye West by questioning Spotify on why R. Kelly’s music is still on Spotify

But fans had other plans. Fans on Twitter have come together to safeguard his music from being removed from Spotify. The campaign for saving his music from being removed is nascent, but it exists.

Fans reminded Spotify that they had not removed R. Kelly’s music from Spotify, despite the gravity of the offenses he has been charged with. Why would they remove the Praise God rapper’s music then?

The comparisons didn’t stop there.



But it remains to be seen what impact their appeal will have on Spotify.

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Spotify claims “his music doesn’t violate our policy” 

Kanye West
Spotify says Kayne West’s music is not to be removed

But as of this moment, the Hip-Hop icon’s music stands tall. Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek, in an interview with Reuters said that despite his comments being awful, his music won’t be going from Spotify soon. His clarification?

He said, “It’s really just his music, and his music doesn’t violate our policy. It’s up to his label if they want to take action or not.”

Spotify has a policy of removing anything that contains hateful speech, be it music or podcast. As long as it is not his music, the music streaming platform won’t take action against him.

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Source: Twitter

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