SDCC Panel gave fans the treat that they have been anticipating for a long time. While MCU dropped its enigmatic list of upcoming projects, DC could deliver much as Marvel did. With the list of MCU Projects, DC had only a few elements that would create hype amongst the audiences. Since there was no Henry Cavil on the panel, fans felt disheartened. 

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Marvel announcements at the SDCC

MCU Projects
List of upcoming MCU Projects

With the new batch of MCU projects, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Fiege made a thriving appearance at the SDCC. The executive announced the title of the new Avengers movie,  Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. As Marvel’s announcements were all over the Internet, fans trolled DC for having lackluster SDCC Panels

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Fans’ reaction to Marvel’s announcements

Kevin Feige at SDCC

A fan posted a meme of The Office, and thanked Kevin Fiege for the announcement of the MCU projects and their release dates. “still 8 unannounced projects for d23 everyone say thank you kevin feige”, concluded the user. 

As the trailer of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was highly anticipated, the gesture by the cast present during the teaser announcement gave a wholesome moment. 

A user mocked DC by comparing the DC Executives’ reaction to hearing the MCU announcements. 

A video showed the crowd cheering for the list of MCU projects that were announced at Marvel’s panel. 

Recently, Marvel received backlash for not giving liberty to their VFX artists and the issue was in the news for quite some time. A user posted a meme of a man crying that said, “VFX artists across the industry seeing Kevin Feige announce all of these MCU projects at #SDCC2022

A user expressed his excitement for the MCU Phase 5 and said, “Phase 4 was a filler”

With all the unofficial rumored projects, Marvel cashed in the fans’ anticipations by confirming 12 upcoming Marvel projects. Whereas DC’s announced projects failed to create a buzz at the SDCC. 

Source: SDCC/ Twitter

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