TV shows are a much larger business than movies these days. If the characters are well written and portrayed, it doesn’t take much time for the fans to get attached to them. Though it’s no fun when they are killed off but it’s still great. Sometimes despite all the love and attention they receive, the actors decide to quit the show. Or worse, they are being fired by the production.

But the show has to go on right? While it is difficult to carry on, there are many series that went on to continue even after they lost their lead actors and actress. Here are some of them!

1. The Office

Shows that went on despite the main stars quit
Michael Scott is one of the best roles of Steve Carell

We all have tried to tell our friends, “It gets better after the first season!”, right? People were not really excited seeing an American version of The Office. But it was a massive hit for NBC. There are many characters but Michael Scott stole our hearts.

Steve left the show after Season 7 and everyone thought that was the end of the show. Andy Bernard was made the manager but that just changed his character. In fact, when the show ended, the fans were happy.

2.  Two And A Half Men

The Show Went On Despite Missing their main stars
Things didn’t go well with Charlie Sheen when it came to Two-And-A-Half-Men

This was an extremely successful show and ran for 12 seasons. The major credit for the show’s success goes to Charlie and Alan. But then things didn’t go well between Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre (director).

And they killed off his character. But then entered Ashton Kutcher. The show went on for the other three seasons.

3. The Vampire Diaries

Lead's quit the famous show and the show still went on
Nina started getting insecure about not getting other work

After the first six successful seasons revolving around the love triangle, Nina Dobrev decided to quit. Of course, the teen fans were heartbroken and wondered if the show would go on. And it did for two more seasons.

Nina had decided to quit because she feared that she might not get any work post the show. Many believed that this decision came because she didn’t want to work with her ex aka Ian Somerhalder. But she denied these rumors.

4. Once Upon a Time

Downfall of famous shows post the actors quitting
Things didn’t go well after they decided to write off fan-favorite characters for the series Once Upon a Time

When the show launched, it certainly created some buzz and by the time season six ended, it had quite a decent viewership. The makers decided to take some risks and decided to write off the OG stars and create reboot series.

They had to say goodbye to their main stars like Snow White, Emma Swan, Belle, Prince Charming, Henry Mills, and many others. They did keep some characters, but it was not well received by the fans and the critics.

5.  That ’70s Show

The famous shows which were still successful after the actors quit
The cast of that ’70s show

The show was doing a great job and everyone had fallen in love with the core cast of the series but things changed after the 7th season of the show. Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher decided to quit the show before it ended. Grace’s character was shown going to Africa to teach while Kutcher’s left the town to take the job in Chicago.

Both the stars didn’t give any official reasons but Grace went on to become Venom in Spider-Man 3 and Kutcher starred in moves like Dude, Where’s My Car, and Just Married. But they did come back for the final season for cameos.

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