Hip-hop feuds are famous for their intense diss tracks and social media spats. When Drake was caught up in a multi pronged battle with Kendrick Lamar and Rick Ross, he got some surprising backup from none other than 53-year-old actress Uma Thurman.

Drake in God’s Plan

So, it’s not just celebrities sticking to their own circles when it comes to feuds! The actress has now jumped into the rap world’s drama, getting involved in the beef between Aub, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, and others.

Uma Thurman’s Supportive Offer Eases Drake’s Battle with Kendrick Lamar

Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill
Uma Thurman as The Bride in Kill Bill

The drama kicked off when Drake shared a scene from Kill Bill: Vol. 1 on his Instagram story. The pic showed Uma Thurman‘s character, The Bride, in a tough spot surrounded by enemies (via People).

It looked like the rapper was hinting at feeling similarly under attack. In a fun twist, the Hollywood star then chimed in, offering the 37-year-old pop star her famous yellow jumpsuit from the movie, asking, “Need this?”

In Kill Bill, the Pulp Fiction star plays Beatrix Kiddo (also known by her assassin codename, Black Mamba). She’s the central character in both Kill Bill: Volume 1 and Kill Bill: Volume 2. The Bride’s yellow suit in the franchise is a direct homage to Bruce Lee‘s iconic jumpsuit from his last film, Game of Death.

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Drake, ever the witty rapper, replied with a re-post and a clever answer: “Yes pls. The pen is Hattori Hanzō,” nodding to the movie’s famed swordsmith and likening his lyrics to a powerful weapon. Even though the feud between Drake, Lamar, and Ross has had its share of strong words, Thurman’s playful gesture injects some humor into the situation.

Drake’s Alleged Diss Track Targets Multiple Rap Heavyweights

Drake - Spin bout U
Drake – Spin bout U

Drake’s Instagram story came not long after his alleged leaked track, Push Ups (Drop and Give Me 50), which gained attention on social media. The song then got a full CDQ release on DJ Akademiks’ Twitch stream on Saturday, April 13.

The unverified track reportedly has Drake not only taking shots at Kendrick Lamar but also targeting several other rappers and even calling out Top Dawg Entertainment as a whole. Besides Lamar, the names included are The Weekend, Rick Ross, Future, Metro Boomin and others. Seems like OVO wasn’t holding back and had more than one target in his sights!

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While the 17-time Grammy awardee hasn’t responded to the diss track yet, Ro$$ didn’t hold back. He kept the teasing going by sharing side-by-side photos of Drake’s face on his Instagram Story, cheekily calling him “BBL Drizzy” (via Billboard).

The Canadian rapper hit back by posting a text message exchange with his mom on Sunday, April 14, discussing the rumored nose job. He also took a swipe at Ross, calling him a “nosey goof.”

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