Rapper Kanye West’s Donda Academy was reportedly shut down for a few hours after the rapper’s anti-Semitic rants went viral on social media. The educational institution was reportedly shut down as attendees received an alert from principal Jason Angell. However, roughly four hours later, parents received another email that announced the reopening of the school. The rapper inaugurated the academy back in August. His latest anti-Semitic rants have landed the rapper into deep trouble as every brand that was associated with him has terminated its contract and the rapper lost roughly $2 billion in one day.

Kanye West’s Donda Academy was shut down

Kanye West posted a picture of the students
Students at Donda Academy

Following his anti-Semitic comments and series of hateful posts, rapper Kanye West‘s Donda Academy was reportedly shut down. All the attendees of the educational institute received an email announcing the news. The e-mail read,

“At the discretion of our Founder, Donda Academy will close for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year effective immediately,” adding, “THERE IS NO SCHOOL TOMORROW.”

The school explained that they planned to “assist all families during this transition,” noting the school’s “intention to begin afresh in September 2023.

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Donda Academy was reopened

Kanye West
Rapper Kanye West

However, just four hours later, the attendees received another email that announced the reopening of the school. The email invited all the attendees to join together “in worship for the return of Donda Academy.” The message further said, “With the help of our parents and community, we are back and returning with a vengeance! The children of Donda are going to change the world!” The email ended with an apology for informing the attendees late about the reopening. The educational institute was named after the rapper’s late mother, Donda West.

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Kanye West is no longer a billionaire

Kanye West loses $1.5 billion multi-year deal with Adidas
Kanye West loses $1.5 billion multi-year deal with Adidas

The rapper has continued to make several controversial statements and now he has to face the consequences. He is being sued by the family of George Floyd for $250 million after he said on a podcast that he was killed by the drug fentanyl and that the police officer’s knee “wasn’t even on his neck like that.

He also recently wore a t-shirt that said, “White Lives Matter,” at one of his Yeezy fashion shows. Reports say that the rapper had hired Camilla Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s attorney, in order to deal with his political matters but she seems to have abandoned ship. Every clothing brand that was associated with Kanye West has now terminated its deal with him due to his statements.

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Source: PageSix

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