Doctor Strange 2 trailer blew up our minds and there were so many hidden details to talk about! The main fact that really got the fans excited was guessing who could possibly be included in the MCU’s Illuminati.

Comics fans know it all about the Illuminati! Illuminati is a group of heroes who share their intel and stop the threats in the Marvel universe. The original Illuminati includes Iron Man, Namor, Doctor Strange, Namor, Professor X, Black Bolt, and Reed Richards. But even Black Panther, Beast, and Captain America have also been part of the group.

Doctor Strange 2
Strange meeting the Illuminati

The Multiverse of Madness is going to open so many doors and we are set to see heroes like America Chavez and even Professor X, while we guess who would be the real villain! Namor has some amazing superpowers which include the ability to fly, amphibious powers like talking with water creatures, and breathing underwater, he has extreme agility and endurance too. Since he has ties with Illuminati, it makes sense that he will be introduced in Doctor Strange 2.

The Doctor Strange 2 trailer teased one monster which could hint at Namor’s appearance in MCU.

Doctor Strange 2

Gargantos is seen in the trailer which hints at Namor’s arrival. The creature is one of the villains in Doctor Strange 2 and is commanded by King Naga who rules the underwater kingdom Lemuria. Naga is a humanoid supervillain. Gargantos has appeared in Namor’s comic books so it is an easy way to link up Namor in the MCU.

Doctor Strange 2

In one of the stories, Namor has fought the creature to protect the Serpent Crown (a magical artifact that gives one immortality). While we of course won’t be witnessing these stories, Namor could surely make an appearance to help Doctor Strange? Or maybe he could open a portal to send away the creature but that would lead to Namor making an entry.

We have always stressed the fact that MCU does everything for a reason. Be it hints or easter eggs, everything you have seen or heard is there for a reason and maybe it’s a seed they have sowed to make a reference to later! So it won’t be a surprise if Namor does make his MCU debut in Doctor Strange 2!

Doctor Strange 2
A still from Multiverse of Madness

While the movie could possibly introduce Namor, there are chances we could meet Tom Cruise as Iron Man and John Krasinski as Reed Richards now that Illuminati is in the MCU finally! We can’t wait to catch the movie in the theatres.

Apart from Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen reviving their roles, Rachel Adams is back, Xochitl Gomez makes her MCU debut as America Chavez! The film is set to release on 6th May 2022!

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