Phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have the superheroes’ appearances in the series they appear in the Marvel comics. Phase four commenced with the premiere of the series WandaVision, on Disney+ Hotstar. While creating a massive fanbase for itself and the characters, only four of its episodes are out and it is already a center for discussion for the fans worldwide. The turn of events happening around Wanda and Vision and the introduction to new characters hints that the series is going to leave a greater impact on the MCU Phase 4. Let’s take a look:

Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness
Is Wanda responsible in creation of multiverse?

1. Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness 

The possible fan theories and the clues the series is dropping around have hinted to the viewers about Doctor Strange‘s possible intervention in Wanda’s alternate reality. This actually connects the dots about the casting of Elizabeth Olsen in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie. She is going to have an influential leading role in the film. WandaVision’s impact on the Multiverse of Madness is undeniably evident and shows Wanda’s connection with the multiverse’s creation.

Super Villain Mephisto?
Mephisto has all the potential to be the real villain

2. Super Villain Mephisto?

The appearance of the hexagons and Jimmy Woo‘s investigation has hinted at the presence of a villain from the comic universe, Mephisto, in Wanda’s version of Westview. When the mysterious Dottie says, “The devil is the details” in the show and Agnes’s bunny’s name, Scratchy got everyone thinking about the devil’s picture in the story. Is the TV series opening doors to the story of these mysterious characters? What is hiding behind the apparent reality?

Jane Foster In Thor's Upcoming Movie
Jane Foster Thor can be the result of Wanda’s hex magic

3. Jane Foster In Thor’s Upcoming Movie

Everyone saw Jane Foster’s fate in Thor and have been expecting the re-introduction of the character into the timeline. But it is still uncertain if both the Jane Fosters are the same or if it is just an Easter egg. It could also be a version of Thor’s in some other universe. If she is the same, then is she also a result of Wanda’s supreme powers? Guess we’ll have to wait to know the answer to this one!

4. X-Men In MCU?
WandaVision can introduce the X-Men character to the MCU

4. X-Men In MCU?

Fans of both universes, Fox’s and MCU, have been dying to see X-Men and the superheroes of MCU come together . In WandaVision’s end of the 5th episode, rumors show Pietro, Wanda’s twin brother, who she lost in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Since very different characters have made it to the mainframe, it would not be surprising to see Pietro being back. This character of Pietro’s was taken up by Fox (Quicksilver), who was seen in X-Men: Days of Future Past running very fast. Seeing him in Wanda’s universe is ringing different bells for the fans.

5. Villains In Superman 3
Villains in Spiderman 3 are suspicious

5. Villains In Superman 3

Now that many other characters who are originally away from the MCU have been seen making their debuts in the WandaVision and can be shown in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie as well. Fans are already aware of the villains appearing in Spiderman 3 movies, like Doctor Octopus. Could the entry of these villains also be because of Wanda playing with different dimensions and altering realities? Are the multiple universes opening up to all new dimensions?

6. Wanda's Neighbours: New Stories Coming Up?
Wanda’s neighbors are not simple neighbors. They are different characters from the comics.

6. Wanda’s Neighbors: New Stories Coming Up?

Wanda’s neighbors are predicted to be joining Wanda’s reality from different timelines and universes. They have opened a vast opportunity for Marvel Studios to develop varying timelines. Followers of the Marvel comics will know that many of the characters reflect the  Squadron Supreme characters, each having an interesting back-story.

7. Next-Gen Avengers
Team of Young Avengers

7. Next-Gen Avengers

Wanda got pregnant with Vision and gave birth to twins by the end of the third episode, William and Thomas, and gave the viewers a hint of developing Young Avengers. In the comic universe, Kang is already a part of the Young Avengers’ team, and now the MCU is also gradually developing the young characters the same way. To this team, Kate, Cassie Lang, and (the fresh faces) William and Thomas are predicted to be a part of this team. Thomas and William both have fascinating histories, and it got everyone wondering if they are going to develop into heroes or villains.

8. Monica Rambeau
Monica has a significant role.

8. Monica Rambeau

She is revealed as the head of SWORD in the fourth episode of WandaVision. Monica is the daughter of Maria Rambeau, who plays a significant role in Captain Marvel. Maria first formed SWORD to protect the world from extraterrestrial threats. In the comic books, Monica becomes the next Captain Marvel and Spectrum. Her superpowers are also tremendous and have a potential for Marvel Studios to expand her character.

Kate Bishop Hawkeye
Kate in on the Young Avengers’ team

9. Kate Bishop Hawkeye

As mentioned, WandaVision could serve as an opening channel for the development of Young Avengers. Kate Bishop is going to be one of the team members, growing alongside her dad. Hawkeye and Wanda share an exceptional bond since the Age of Ultron and have evolved just like the two characters. According to a fan theory, he is believed to be Woo’s missing person and present in Wanda’s alternate reality. Is he the reason behind the havoc created later, or is he going to be the one to bring Wanda back?

10. Kang's debut
Kang will be appearing in Ant-Man’s upcoming movie

10. Kang’s debut

Kang The Conqueror is one of the villains in the comic universe and will be the same in phase four of the MCU. The famous villain from the comic books is going to make his debut in the upcoming Ant-Man movie,  Ant-Man And The Wasp: Qunatummania. He is also predicted to be the result of Wanda’s creation. Since she is constantly changing the realities, she could have accidentally hampered with the quantum realm and set him free in the current situation. 

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