Justice League can be termed as the world’s noblest heroes and yes, they’ve saved the Earth plenty of times from Alien forces and evil villains but there have been times reh they have been questioned. Justice League has had their fair share of evil and today we will tell you about 10 times when Justice League members did something really horrible.

Wonder Woman breaks Maxwell Lord’s neck
Maxwell Lord fears Justice League. He’s a villain with mind controlling telepathic abilities and he controls Superman and sends him on a rampage on Earth. The only way Wonder Woman and the rest of the League could stop was to kill Maxwell and that’s exactly what Diana did. She snaps his neck on national television to end Maxwell and save the planet.

Batman accuses Joker of Child abuse
In one of comic issues, Joker helps a group of super powered children out of a prison. This triggers Batman and he goes after Joker. Joker sends Harley Quinn to deal with him. Batman blames Joker of child abuse and is clocked across by Harley’s hammer.

Guy Gardener..
Guy Gardener isn’t the best guy you’d like to work with. His cocky attitude and arrogance makes him get into various splits with Batman but over the years, both have teamed up well. Mostly, Batman has the last laugh but in GLC: Recharge, he finally says a goodbye to Batman as the former heads of Oa.

Hawk girl kills Solomon Grundy
In the Animated series of Justice League, Grundy and Hawk Girl develop a bond between them. Grundy died fighting alongside the team and saving innocent lives, which was an emotional moment for Hawk Girl. However, Grundy returned back from the dead with insane powers and can only be killed by Hawk Girl’s mace. She hesitates at first but kills him eventually.

Superman turns tyrant
Imagine if Superman goes rogue and starts killing everyone who comes in his way? That’s exactly what happened in Injustice. Everything is triggered by Joker who traps Clark to kill his wife and once he kills her, he realises what he has done, he kills Joker and sets the whole world on fire. Whoever opposed him had to die and this led Batman to form Insurgency to stop him.

Wally West turns Inertia into a living statue
This happens after the events of Infinite Crisis when Wally West returns only to find Barry Allen dead and all clues point out that Inertia is the murderer. West catches Inertia but instead of handing him over to the cops, he transforms him into a statue. He’s still alive and kicking but he’s a statue, forced to stare into eternity.

Batman keeps check on how to defeat each Justice League member
Ra’as Al Ghul strikes gold in the ‘Tower of Babel’ series where he gets his hands on Batman’s computers and download files which had encrypted information for each member of the Justice League. It carried how to defeat a member, in case they go rogue. This leads to the League almost getting killed. When he’s asked about if the list had his own contingency, he said, “I do. It’s the Justice League.”

Superman kills Lex Luther
In the Animated Justice League series, there was storyline arc by the name, “A Better World” where Lex Luthor became the Presidnt in an alternate Earth and threatens Superman to start a nuclear war. Superman gets tired of him and kills him. This transforms Justice League into Justice Lords.

Prometheus is trapped in his own mind by Martian Manhunter
Prometheus is one of the greatest threats to Justice League. He uses a special cybernetic helmet, Prometheus downloaded all the combat styles of DC heroes to defeat them. He also memorised the weakness of each member. Batman then goes on to persuade Martian Manhunter to help them defeat Prometheus and Manhunter traps him inside his own head, making him relive his own nightmares over and over again.

Wonder Woman kills a child
In the events of Flashpoint, the Atlantean-Amazon War has affected the whole world. Cyborg tries to make a team of heroes to stop the war and one of those members is Captain Thunder aka Shazam. He proves a worthy opponent for Amazons but he is a child at heart. But in the comics, Amazon General kills him. However, in the movie its Diana herself that kills the poor child.

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