Who doesn’t like watching movies? We all love them, don’t we? Whether it’s Forrest Gump or Saving Private Ryan or Saw, we always find ourselves gripped onto our seats or admiring the character’s onscreen. To be honest, I’m not a huge horror movie fan and over the years, I have noticed that horror movies have a special layer of fear in its audience. There are times when people get so inspired by their favourite horror movies, they decide to dawn a mask and wreak havoc on communities. See, that’s why I’m not a huge fan of horror movies.
Anyway, today we tell you about horror movies that actually happened in real life!

Halloween Inspires the Drug Trip From Hell
While Halloween was a work of fiction, the events that followed after that weren’t. The two movies gave birth to copycat crimes across the country.
In 1984, Richard Boyer claimed that he thought he was under an attack Michael Myers, under the influence of PCP, marijuana and alcohol. He killed two victims in their 60’s in a robbery attempt. He stabbed them 43 times and stole $50 out of their pockets.

A Texan 17-year old lad shot and killed his own mother and sister with a pistol and told the police that he was amazed at the ease of the boy during the murders in Rob Zombie’s 2007 remake. Obviously, it wasn’t that easy for him and he regretted it later.

The Loved One Inspires Sadistic Torture
Gary George was seemingly obsessed with witchcraft and horror films got inspired by Citing The Loved Ones and inflicted fatal injuries on Andrew Nall in 2013. The film shows a young woman torturing a boy who refuses her proposal to the prom. Nall was found with 49 seperate knife wounds and cleaning fluid poured into his eyes.
George was a homeless alcoholic and was caught by police after he attacked a man with a broken bottle.

Friday The 13th Inspires Copycat Murder With a Hockey Mask
Jason Voorhees is one of the most scary onscreen characters ever. Eight years after his cinematic debut, a 19 year old murdered another college student, Sharon Gregory while wearing a hockey mask and dressed up as Voorhees. It’s not clear what actually happened that day but a hockey past, black boots were found on the murder spot.

The killer, Mark Branch was found hanging on a tree three days before Halloween.

Saw Inspires Terror, I mean literally…
The Saw series has spawned terror, gruesome bloodshed and unpleasant traps in the mind of the audience but I’m sure you’d never imagine to bring it into life. That’s until you’re Matthew Tinling. Tinling attacked his neighbour with a knife, where he kept stabbing for countless times. He was inspired by Saw VI, where the spine cutter trap cuts the spinal cord in a ruthless way.

Two teenagers have also been caught for planning Saw-style murders while a reverse bear trap device was engineered as a bomb to a pizza man’s neck. The bomb was detonated when he was caught.

Warlock inspires a gruesome Alchemy Lesson
Watch Warlock if you ever want to see a time traveling wizard who wants to uncreate the world. But don’t watch it if you want to act out what’s done in the movie. Like, really.
14 year old Sandy Charles got obsessed with Warlock and this resulted in the death of Johnathon Timpsen who was just seven. Charles took him to the shrubs and stabbed and beating him with rocks and bottles till death.

He wanted to make a magical flying potion like in the movie by killing and boiling pieces of an unbaptised child. Charles was not found guilty by reason of insanity and will probably remain in a psychiatric centre for the rest of his life.

Severance inspires red hot jealousy
Severance is a comedy horror movie where sales representatives are hunted down by a group of crazed killers and there’s one scene which is particularly disturbing and was reenacted on Simon Everett in an intense act of sexual jealousy.
Everett was kidnapped and tied to a tree and was doused with petrol. He was left to burn by a trio of friends who were seeing the same girl as him. Reportedly, one of the members had watched the film and wanted to reenact it in real because it’d be ‘wicked’.

Orphan inspires a plot to murder a family
The 2009 film Orphan was based on a couple that brings in a four year old child into their family. The child plots to kill the biological family members. This was reenacted by 15 year old Roksana Sikorski who planned to murder her family that adopted her out of an abusive Polish agency. Her targets were the parents and the son and along with her older boyfriend, she stabbed the son and when she was about to move to the parents, she was seen by the daughter who cried out loud for help.

The adoptive family, surprisingly, remained supportive of the girl. While no one was killed as the son survived with a fatal injury, Roksana was sentenced to prison for 10 to 20 years.

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