DC has been home to numerous amazing heroes who were noble in their deeds, reflecting bravery and heroism. Some of these heroes are blessed with superhuman abilities like flight, speed, heat vision, telepathy etc. but there are times when these heroes have to get their hands dirty to defeat their enemies. They end up employing unfair tactics and today we will tell you about 8 characters who played dirty during a fight.

8. John Constantine
He might be everyone’s favourite hellblazer when it comes to fearless heroics but he loves playing dirt. His goal is to preserve good and preserve life by taking risks that a normal human wouldn’t ever take and this makes him one of the most loved characters in DC.
Constantine plays dirty by simply avoiding fights and is known for leaving crime scenes and letting others fight his battle.

7. Batman
Batman never takes a life but the early days of Batman weren’t the same. He used to employ cruel tactics even after he wins a fight. He even tortured his opponents and tried getting information out of them and even threatened to break their bones if they don’t speak. He loved holding criminals over the ledge and threaten them to reveal information.

6. Cassandra Cain
She debuted as Oracle’s allies in 1999 and became popular among fans, making quite a name for herself. Cassandra’s character once fought Supergirl and the former Batgirl kidnapped Supergirl’s friend and used her to get to Supergirl. She used the red sun to weaken her and played unfair in harming Supergirl.

5. Superman
Man of Steel carries a heavy burden of saving Earth and rise above adversity and remain an icon of hope among earthlings. Just because of his domineering powers, his mistakes typically back a solid punch than the mistakes of other JL members.
Though most of Superman’s actions are noteworthy but a few are misguided. In Trinity War, we saw Superman defending Wonder Woman against Doctor Light.
He attacked Doctor Light even after he begged and apologised to Superman to spare him.

4. Shado
Shado is known for her role in Arrow where she’s with Oliver and trains him, falls for him and ultimately becomes the reason for Slade Wilson’s rampage in the season. However, comics paint her differently where she is initially Green Arrow’s adversary but eventually became her ally. She’s on a mission and she does everything in her power to see through her mission.
She even conceived a child with Oliver Queen and can be termed as an assasin who can do anything to meet her goal.

3. Tim Drake
Drake’s Robin is loved that all and unlike Dick Grayson and Jason Todd’s version, this version is the least troublesome. But he is known to slip up once or twice though. When fighting a monster named Johnny Warlock, his partner Stephanie gets severely injured by Johnny’s attack. This infuriates Drake and he beats the shit out of Johnny and this even worries Batman for a while.

2. Jonah Hex
Hex has a really sad backstory of his own which moulds him into an anti hero. He keeps his moral code of honour in check on occasions but during the “Mark of the Demon”, Jonah is challenged to a fight by Noh-Tante who cheats by tampering his weaponry. As a result, Jonah cheats too and uses a blade to kill him.
The problem here is that Hex could’ve done this without using unfair means.

1. Lobo
Lobo was born with a dark side and eventually it rode him to madness where he eventually ended the lives of his own people. However, he has a decent side to him where he saves lives and helps those in need and this makes him an anti-hero of sorts.
In one of the storylines, he’s the member of R.E.B.E.L.S., a group created to defeat the L.E.G.I.O.N. where the team discovers that Starro is their true enemy. Here, Lobo leads the charge in defeating Starro especially when he’s unable to take care of himself.

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