There is an all- new merchandise based on Black Adam that is giving fans their first-ever look at a new DCEU villain.

A new image of a Black Adam Funko Pop! has started to make rounds on Reddit, showing Black Adam with the Justice Society of America, alongside the new DCEU villain Sabbac. The villain was initially confirmed to make an appearance in the movie when a listing from McFarlane Toys on Black Adam circulated inthe month of January.

Who is Sabbac In DC Comics?

Sabbac in Black Adam
Will we see Sabbac in Black Adam?

The original demon Sabbac had made his debut in the pages of DC in 1943’s Captain Marvel, Jr. #4. The real name of the character is Timothy Karnes, and Sabbac worked as an evil opposite of the Shazam Family. Sabbac had wielded powers which are very identical to the Shazam family, but the magical word to eventually transform into the entity was “Sabbac.” When transformed, Sabbac can attain superhuman feats of super speed, strength, fire breath, flight, superior durability, and fire blasts. Instead of deriving these powers from ancient gods, Sabbac draws his power from the forces of Hell, which include Satan, Aym, Belial, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Crateis.

Another version of Sabbac Was Introduced In New 52 relaunch (2011)

Sabacc in New 52 Comics

In New 52 relaunch (2011), Gary Frank and Geoff Johns introduced another version of Sabbac. This version was a manifestation of the Seven Deadly Sins, which had the ability to possess a wicked person and later transform them into a huge monster that can breathe fire. Black Adam takes control of the demon in Justice League #14, commanding the giant to ultimately destroy Philadelphia. It is unknown what version of Sabbac will debut in the movie, however, the idea of the Seven Deadly Sins taking over a human vessel is showcased in Shazam! with Doctor Sivana.

The synopsis for Black Adam teases Teth-Adam (Dwayne Johnson) will “unleash his unique form of justice on the modern world.” He’ll be interacting with the JSA in the film, consisting of Atom Smasher (played by Noah Centineo), Hawkman (played by Aldis Hodge), Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell), and Doctor Fate (played by Pierce Brosnan). In another interview with CBR, producer for Black Adam Hiriam Garcia explained that “Black Adam pushes the boundaries of a PG-13 movie.”

Black Adam will hit the theaters on Oct. 21.

Source: Reddit

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