Ms. Marvel gave the first Muslism superhero Kamala Khan, which undergoes an emotional journey while she is seen unlocking the secrets around her destiny and superpowers.

Kamala initially thought that it was her family bangle that gave her powers, but her bestie Bruno later affirmed that her powerful cosmic abilities were quite latent and looked like awakened, probably tying to her Inhuman backstory from the Marvel comics.

What Happened In Ms. Marvel Episode 3?

Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel
Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel

This development had led to Kamala Khan being summoned to Pakistan by her grandma Sana, who wishes to reveal something more mysterious about her lineage. In the first season, in episode, “Seeing Red,” Kamla has an eye-opening experience back in Pakistan’s Karachi.

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Kamala meets the Red Daggers, learning about the everyday struggles of her great-grandmother Aisha that she had to endure. If this wasn’t enough, the last moments added a surprising time travel element into the whole mix.

History of Kamala’s Mother, Najma

Ms. Marvel

Najma, who is Kamran’s mother alongside her agents from the ClanDestine group broke out of the hold of the Damage Control, soughting to get the magical ancestral bangle from Kamala.

The head of the Red Daggers — Waleed — revealed that they desired the magical bracelet to break down Veil of Noor, which will certainly result in their whole world crashing into the world of Kamla, destroying mulitple lives. This was followed by a subsequent chase that resulted in Najma taking the life of Waleed.

Fortuantely, “Seeing Red” debuted with dome valuable help from Kamala, and her firstvery heroic first-team up came up with the Red Dagger, Kareem.

He took on the Najma’s minions and when Kamla was tried to kill by Najma, the blade simply dug into her bangle — again omitting energy and transporting Kamala back to India in 1947. Kamala had an idea and knew this was the same time when Sana got unfortunately separated from Aisha, Kamala tried to climb atop the train… as the episode ended on a cliffhanger.

The Mystery of The Ancient Bangle

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel

The fans of the show have earlier theorized that Aisha was thrown into the secret dimension seen by Kamala when she wielded the bangle at first, hinting that she was stuck in the world of ClanDestine. It is also quite possible that she had left the bangle behind, hoping a person in her family has the ability to open the gateway and eventually get her back.

This explains why Aisha looks like Kamala via the ancient bangle — but having Kamala aka Ms. Marvel go back in time is quite a huge plot twist for the show. Kamala Khan has already used her energy constructs in a lot of ways, so can she reunite her family?

The MCU has used time travel before too. Endgame had Avengers traversing the time stream to halt the Mad Titan, Thanos. The displacement of Ms. Marvel could provide a closed time loop with Kamala becoming the savior of Sana before she gets back to the present. ”

“Seeing Red” has many hardcore fans eager to witness what the ancient e bangle was capable of, what Kamala Khan discovers about her family with their roots in Pakistan in this time period, and if Kamala Khan can be helped by the Djinn and Iashastop Najma.

Ms. Marvel streams Wednesdays, only on Disney+.

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