Time has changed to a massive extent. In the course of the time, Superman’s powers have developed to such an extent that it now sometimes seems quite weird. No one can stop him. Only a few characters are anywhere near him or match up to his strengths. Kal-El can push planets and fly into the core of the Earth. The Man of Steel can time travel and stop bullets fired at point-blank range, and he is a bit shy of being as rapid as the Flash. In many ways, Kal-El is extremely powerful. But for many observable cases, OP abilities that the Last Son of Krypton has, he also has a fine number of such Ops that are unknown to the readers today. From the Super-Kiss to telepathy, Clark Kent has some weird skills. Without further details, here are ten of Superman’s overpowered abilities and ten powers readers didn’t even know he had.

In the 90s, there was a time when, rather than powered by the sun, Superman was powered by electricity and other substitutes of energy. Also, at this point of time, writers wanted to feel serenity to write Man of Steel, so they replaced the classic trunks with a bright blue containment suit.

Kal’s powers were also replaced by another. Superman was suddenly untouchable rather than bullets bouncing off him, they went right through him. Clark could now generate electromagnetic fields and sue those and weapons and tools.

Superman and the Flash share a lot in common and they are both the members of the Justice League. They also have rapid speed and both of them are supremely intelligent and talented. The familiarity between the two does not just stop here. The Flash is notorious for using his ability to time travel, and the Man of Steel can also traverse the time stream.

For instance, back in1978, when the two heroes competed in DC Comics Presents#1, they traveled so fast that they arrived at the time stream.

Superman’s vision helps him to observe logically every spectrum, while Clark Kent’s supervision helps him see till the electromagnetic spectrum. This power does not have an ever-lasting life but it seems like the writers just submitted it to Superman for a particular story. With electromagnetic vision, Superman has the useful ability to see radio waves, which authorizes him to trace broadcast signals.

With the birth of technology, radio waves have become outdated. It’s no wonder why this power has become obsolete, which is why most Superman fans don’t know about it.

Superman can do things at super-speed, and his flight is not any different. On Earth, his top speed is Mach 9350, or roughly 2000 miles per second. While in the openness of outer space, This man also inherits the powers of breaking the speed of the light. He can fly too high to stop bullets fired at close range.

The flash has beaten him in his race for not just once but many times before and has been continuing to do so since their first contest in 1967’s Superman #199. Much recently, in The Flash #49, Clark even admits that Barry Allen is too fast in comparison with himself. Yet, Superman is awfully fast and he utilizes that speed to his advantage.

One of the most powerful characters known in the world of Comics has to be Superman. Hence, giving him telepathy, hypnosis and mind control is just not fair, however, writers have already done this before. Superman’s unrivaled wit and extremely talented brain authorize him to control these mind-based powers. Hence, at some points in his history, Clark Kent has been able to read minds and telepathically communicate.

Kent has used his power for both good and bad reasons. However, it is very grateful to the writers that they have taken the initiative to realize that gifting Superman with the power to read minds, makes him just overpowered.

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