Wolverine is the most popular mutant in comic books and the only one to get his own movie adaptation. He was introduced in 1974 and has experienced a lot of costume changes over time. A lot of his costumes are a classic blend of yellow and other colours but there have been occasions when Wolverine has appeared in a totally fresh costume for a new series or arc.
Today we will tell you about the five best costumes worn by Wolverine till date.

5. Logan
You might be wondering that he didn’t really wear a costume in Logan so why this. It’s because he wears a number of outfits in the film, ranging from a blazer to a white tank top. The suit and tank top serve as a costume in the film.
We see him in tank top and jeans at the end of the film, which is like a tribute to his iconic outfit from the previous X-Men movies. It’s like a reminder to all that a mutant like Wolverine doesn’t retire his mutant identity along with his costume. He’s always Wolverine, with or without a costume.

4. Brown and Tan
The 80’s changed Wolverine’s traditional blue and yellow to brown and tan, with the sleeve details changed to smooth without the tiger stripe detail.
This version looked darker than the blue and yellow style and went more in tune with his personality.

3. Astonishing X-Men
Yes, we’re talking about the modern Wolverine costume. John Cassaday changed the Wolverine’s look from New X-Men with a more traditional touch. The mask had small ears and there were bright blue tiger stripe detail on the torso.
He went on to give more upgrades to the costume by removing the “whiskers” from the mask and trading the traditional underwear with a sleek yellow and blue bodysuit.

2. X-Force
This is one of the coolest suits by Marvel ever. This came out in 2008’s X-Force and was designed completely black and grey. The suit has armoured gloves and boots that compliments the costume nicely.
Wolverine looks even more intimidating in black and since X-Force is seen as a group of daunting heroes, this costume does make sense.

1. Classic Yellow and Blue
It’s not exactly his debut costume because he didn’t really wear it in his debut comic but this is the suit that fans usually associate with the character. The costume looks great and well balanced along with long ears and “blank” eyes.
The suit was introduced in 1975 and made the character successful in no time. This look has inspired various future costume adaptations of the character.

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