The latest rumour surrounding Matt Reeves’ The Batman suggests a potential involvement of Oscar Isaac for “an undisclosed role” in the film. Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed that the actor will be playing Batman in the film but it has left fans curious as to what Isaac could do if he lands up with the role.

Yet again, a fan art by BossLogic surfaced on the internet, allowing us to give us a glimpse of how Isaac would look as the Dark Knight. He posted three pictures on Twitter; first showing a profile of Isaac looking a lot like a young Bruce Wayne. The other pictures featured a bat-suit for Isaac’s take on the Caped Crusader.

His takes on the bat-suit show the suit with sharper edges, with sleek metal that makes it look like the most advanced Batsuit we have seen ever. One of the pictures show the cowl one on the bottom half, showing Batman’s chin and mouth, just like most of the iterations of the character so far.

The picture gives a full mask to Batman along with glowing eyes and the suit’s technology does remind one of the Batsuit in Superman v Batman: Dawn Of Justice. BossLogic also shared a picture of David Mazouz alongside Oscar Isaac, as Mazouz plays a young Bruce Wayne in Gotham. The comparison proves how both the characters look alike and how it would make absolute sense to choose Isaac to play an older version of Mazouz’s character in Gotham.

However, we feel that Isaac will not bag in Batman’s role as Reeves is looking for someone much younger for the role and keeping this in mind, Isaac might just end up playing Jim Gordon or Harvey Dent in the film.

What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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