Daniel Radcliffe is now reimagined as Wolverine in an incredible fan poster featuring the X-Men. Radcliffe has earlier managed to quickly cement himself as a household name throughout his long run portraying the titular character in the popular Harry Potter series.

After spending about a whole decade of his life on the Harry Potter franchise, Radcliffe has gone on to act in some independent films, though the rumors around his Wolverine casting have been following Daniel Radcliffe since the early days of 2019.

How Will Daniel Radcliffe Play An Accurate version of Wolverine?

Daniel Radcliffe Wolverine in MCU

Radcliffe had even joked earlier saying that he can’t seem to think about how the actor could end up playing a size-accurate version of the iconic Marvel character, and although he has already debunked the rumor himself, fans haven’t let go of the whole idea.

Hugh Jackman certainly won over the hearts of fans, playing Wolverine for 17 long years – from 2000 to 2017, where he also faced some pushback in the later years. If Radcliffe had been cast as Wolverine, it would have made his film character 6’3″, whereas his counterpart in Marvel Comics is a lot shorter, standing at just 5’3″. While Radcliffe is still a bit taller, at roughly 5’5″, it’s partially due to his height that fans have clung on to this casting so tightly, even after all these years.

An Artist Perfectly Reimagines The Actor as Wolverine

Daniel Radclife as Wolverine Fan-Art

Now, an artist with the username samuel_cheve reveals on Instagram how suited Radcliffe would be to the role, with just an amazing fan-made poster of the iconic X-Men character, Wolverine. Daniel Radcliffe looks particularly grimy, with quite a rugged beard and hairstyle, even dashing the white tank-top that is usually associated with Jackman’s Wolverine. Radcliffe’s Wolverine image is also surrounded by a vibrant yellow color, giving a nod to Wolverine’s iconic costume from comic books. There’s nothing about this spectacular design that wouldn’t hype a true Marvel fan for this cast.

Here’s the poster below:


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Since the rumors began flourishing in 2019, Radcliffe has been really grateful to fans as they continue to rally behind him, although Radcliffe doesn’t share their enthusiasm. Despite getting continued support at the idea of him playing the iconic Wolverine, Radcliffe views himself as a downgrade from Jackman’s version. Many Marvel and Radcliffe fans like the above artist, would still disagree, as the same fans continue dreaming of what Radcliffe would look like as the character. However, it seems that rationally speaking, Radcliffe is just against the idea that he believes would never come to fruition, and he has even encouraged Marvel Studios to prove him wrong.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Might See X-Men Debuting In MCU

Professor X is set to debut in Doctor Strange 2
Professor X is set to debut in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness

Although there hasn’t been an official announcement yet, fans have been really excited about the idea of the X-Men’s potential MCU debut since Disney completed their acquisition of 21st Century Fox. Marvel had earlier teased fans with the possibility, with the return of Evan Peters’ Pietro in WandaVision and later, Patrick Stewart’s involvement in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. With so many new things taking place, it seems quite likely that fans will get to see Wolverine on their screens again, and it’s also clear that fans have already voiced their top pick for the recast.


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