Even though nothing is confirmed (classic Marvel Studios), fans are still expecting Beta Ray Bill to join MCU in Thor 4.MCU is just taking way too long to give us a sneak peek at Thor: Love and Thunder. It is surely becoming one of the most anticipated movies in Phase 4 of MCU. Fans are expecting Thor to say goodbye to MCU and we might see Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor taking his place.

Taika Waititi has neither confirmed nor denied the character’s presence in the film so fans just assumed that he could probably come in an end-credit scene and have a more significant appearance in the later films or play the villain and later turn hero.

In the comics, Beta Bay Rill is the first superhero character who is worthy of Thor’s hammer despite being outside the Norse pantheon. He was a monster and then later became a hero and possesses similar powers as Thor. He once went against Thor and even won the fight. So yep, he is Strong.

Here are the actors who could portray the character:

1. Liam Hemsworth

Beta Ray Bill Actors in MCU
Liam Hemsworth seems to be the favorite actor to play Beta Ray Bill

It has been quite a rumor for a long time that Marvel Studios wants to bring in Liam Hemsworth alongside his elder brother Chris Hemsworth for a major role. Liam has had quite a fan following himself and has been a heartthrob in the film The Last Song. He is best known for his role in The Hunger Games as Gale Hawthrone. He has also appeared in The Dressmaker, Independence Day: Resurgence, Killerman, and Paranoia among many films and TV shows. He has the build and the skills for the character. And honestly, it would be a perfect farewell for Chris.

2. Ryan Phillippe

Actors who can play Beta Ray Bill
Ryan Phillippe could be a worthy contender in MCU

He must be in his late 40s but he is more fit compared to many youngsters these days. He has played many action roles so we know he can pull this off! Way back in 2010, he actually desired to play Steve Rogers to impress his son who was six at that time. We think he would still be impressed, Ryan!

He has starred in films like Cruel Intentions, The Lincoln Lawyer, MacGruber, and in TV shows such as Shooter and Big Sky among others.

3. Morris Chestnut

Actors who could play Beta Ray Bill
Do you think Morris Chestnut could do justice to Beta Ray Bill?

He is an American actor and producer. You might recognize him from his most well-known role as Ricky back in the 1991 film Boyz n the Hood. He has the looks, and the physique and is extremely versatile. He has also starred in many movies and TV shows like The Resident, When the Bough Breaks, The Game Plan, Not Easily Broken, Rosewood, and many more.

4. Gerard Butler

Actors who can play the character of Beta Ray Bill
Gerard Butler appearing in MCU would make fans go gaga

Did you know Gerard is actually a lawyer and then decided to pursue acting? Well, we are thankful for this decision of his! Overall these years he has starred in some amazing films and delivered so many hits! He can take on the action roles very well and we have seen it in films like the “Fallen series”, 300, Den of Thieves, and Greenland among many others. He would definitely rock the role.

5. Theo James

Actors who should appear as Beta Ray Bill
Theo James could prove himself in MCU

He is well known for his role in the Divergent series. He is no stranger to action roles and he is a talented and versatile actor. He has also been in films such such How it Ends, Underworld: Blood Wars, War on Everyone. He has recently appeared in the TV series The Time Traveler’s Wife alongside Rose Leslie.

6. Jason Momoa

Actors who should play Beta Ray Bill
MCU fans would kill to see Jason Momoa in the upcoming films.

Isn’t he just perfect for this role? He just rocked his performances in Game of Thrones and Aquaman. He also appeard in Dune and is set to make an appearance in Fast and Furious 10. He has just the perfect build for the role of Beta Ray Bill, but it seems quite difficult for him to appear in MCU. We hope he can star in MCU some day.

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