After over three decades, Top Gun hits theaters in 1986, and the sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, has finally been released by setting a major screening record.

If we believe The Hollywood Reporter, the prolongation of the ’80s classic earned the best preview in the history of Paramount Pictures, alongside the best gross for Memorial Day opening. Top Gun: Maverick has earned a massive $19.3 million through preview screenings, putting the movie right on track to be Tom Cruise’s best-ever domestic opening at the box office.

Top Gun: Maverick Is On Track To Be Tom Cruise’s Best Ever Opening

Top Gun: Maverick
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

With many early projections going into the first weekend, Top Gun: Maverick has all the potential in the world to grab the biggest Memorial Day opening ever, climbing over Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007), which made a total of $139.8 million in its first four days. The movie is currently predicted to reach a nightly four-day gross of approximately $92 million. This is completely in line with earlier projections that Top Gun: Maverick would probably earn anything between $92 million and $100 million in its first weekend domestically.

Comparatively speaking, Top Gun: Maverick will certainly be the highest opening of Cruise’s career, which also comprises all of his Mission: Impossible movies. Cruise’s best opening before the Top Gun sequel was War of the Worlds (2005), which made a gross of $64.9 million in its first four days. After a close second to that is Mission: Impossible — Fallout (2018), which earned a total of $61.2 million.

Top Gun: Maverick Has a 97% Certified Fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes

Top Gun
Top Gun is returning after 30 years

Top Gun: Maverick‘s premiere included a showing on Thursday and a one-time screening for Top Gun fans on Tuesday. Until now, both critics and fans have responded quite positively to Top Gun: Maverick, holding a 97% Certified Fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes while writing this piece, and a whopping audience score of 99%. Talking about overseas releases, the movie has opened in a total of 62 markets but is still to secure release dates in Russia or China. Internationally, the Top Gun sequel is slated to make around $200 million during its worldwide debut.

The Plot of Top Gun: Maverick & Release Date

Top Gun: Maverick
Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick is helmed by Joseph Kosinski and led by Tom Cruise, co-starring Jennifer Connolly, Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Jon Hamm, and Ed Harris. The movie follows Capt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (played by Cruise) as he trains a group of young fighter pilots, which also includes his best friend Goose’s son (Teller), all while he is taking on the demons from his past. The movie also has a Val Kilmer cameo, who played Tom “Iceman” Kazansky in the original film, also known as Maverick’s former nemesis and now friend.

Top Gun: Maverick | NEW Official Trailer (2022 Movie) - Tom Cruise

Top Gun: Maverick is in theaters now.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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